6 Exciting Things to Do When You Are Holidaying in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh India is one of most beautiful places situated at a high altitude in Jammu & Kashmir. If you are planning a vacation during summer and have decided to visit Leh Ladakh, then you have come to the right place to understand how to make the most out of this vacation. If you want to unravel the true beauty of Ladakh, there are certain things that you could enjoy doing and that will make your trip to the city memorable and full of enjoyment. Here are few things you ought to be doing if you are holidaying in Ladakh.

Visit the Offbeat Places

If you love discovering the less popular yet beautiful locations, then there are plenty of places in Ladakh about which only avid travellers are generally aware of. These locations are off the radar, but you will certainly enjoy the scenic beauty that the places have to offer. There is a fort named Zorawar Fort, which is one of the iconic places named after Zorawar Singh Kahluria (also known as Napolean of India). Shey Monastery has some stone carvings, which preach the teachings of Buddha. Apart from these, there are plenty of offbeat places to visit. You can also explore other offbeat places like Turtuk, Panamik, Uleytokpo and Zanskar Valley.

Camp in the Mountains

When you are in Leh Ladakh, you must stop over at the mountains and go for camping there. Book your stay in the camping grounds for a unique experience. The best part is when you go for camping you will not find water due to the temperature and even the hot water that you carry along could turn into ice in few minutes. So, carry your essentials while you go camping and enjoy some light games by the fire when you are at the camp.

Learn the Ancient Teachings at Monasteries

If you love collecting facts about the ancient period and ancient teachings by Buddhist monks interest you, then you may head over to Karma Dupgyud Choeling, where the Buddhist monks of Tibetan sect will help you learn the ancient teachings as propagated there since many centuries.

Make Friends with the Local Inhabitants

The people living in Leh Ladakh region are very simple and very helpful. If you befriend them, you will be flattered by their simplicity and nature. These locals can guide you with going to all the must-visit places in Ladakh, which will make your vacation worthwhile

Taste the Local Cuisine

When in Ladakh, eat like the Ladhakians. Well, if you love Chinese food, then you will definitely enjoy eating the local cuisine. The local cuisines are inclusive of food delicacies like Thukpa, Tsampa, dumplings, and momos. Don’t miss out on them while you are there.

Watch the Sunrise

Apart from that, do not miss out on watching the sunrise by the lake. Since the region is situated in one of the highest altitudes beyond which you can only view mountains, witnessing sunrise would be equally beautiful.

If you want to make your holiday more exciting, try out these things while you are in Leh Ladakh. You can take back a lifetime of unforgettable memories when you head back home.

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