Places that make French Riviera an Exotic Tourist Spot

French Riviera is one of the exotic locations in the world. The place is situated between France and Italy facing the Mediterranean world. French Riviera has made a place for itself in the globe for serving as an area for glitz and glamor. When you are visiting French Riviera, you must make sure that you visit the following places which are a little bit of everything. There is a lot of vacation home in french riviera where you can find rooms at affordable prices. French Riviera might be an expensive place but it does not make it seem expensive for those who visit the place.

Monaco with Monte Carlo

People are very excited to visit Monaco, the second smallest country in the world. About 7.5 million people visit Monaco every year. Monaco is the perfect blend of both old and new. It is the home to the oldest monarchist governments in the world. There is a lot of seas looking castles and promenades that speaks volumes of history. One can also witness the ally of the Formula One racing arena. This is one of the costliest sports in the world. Now, you can get to know why French Riviera is one of the costliest places in the world.

Owing to the extravagant places, there is no doubt that the prices in the French Riviera soar so high. There are also nicely carved cathedrals and rose gardens to entice the older people alike. Thus, one can see that Monaco is a place that caters to the entire needs of the family. This is the reason why people love visiting Monaco. Since Monte Carlo is the zone where you can spot the ships harboring the coast and leaving the coast.  This makes it the best place for clicking some amazing photographs. Apart from that, if you love playing gambling games, then you must visit Monte Carlo without fail. In fact, the casinos in Monte Carlo also served as a great source of help during a major financial crisis.

If one has an opinion that the casinos in the Las Vegas are the best in the world and there are no other places in the world that have casinos as good as in the Vegas, then they must change it. The towns of French Riviera are dotted with some of the gorgeous casinos in the world.

St Tropez

St Tropez has beaches that have the tinge of nature with it. There is no artificial touch to the beaches. There cannot be a lot of beaches in the world that can provide you with the experience of surfing on the beach as well as being amidst some lush greenery. The place has a lot of sea facing resorts that makes it an ideal beach spot. When you are visiting French Riviera and looking for places that have great beaches, then St Tropez is the ideal choice.


Antibes is the dream place for all the artists. Once you have a look at the amazing spread of nature in this beautiful sea facing land place, you are sure to plan another trip just to get a glimpse of the place. It was the home to some of the world-famous artists.


The place is pronounced as Neece, but as the general pronunciation goes, the place is much nice. It is the unofficial capital of French Riviera. People land here first and later plan the trip to other sites of the place. Nice is the best place to take a bike and make a tour all over the place. The place is loaded with rich history and holds some of the best castles in the world. If you are planning to taste some great Mediterranean food, then bring out the gourmet inside you when you are in Nice.


The place is known all over the world due to the grand film festival that happens every year. The celebrities from all over the world make it to Cannes and they eagerly wait for this event that brings world artists together.

Why should you make a visit to the French Riviera?

There are a lot of reasons why you should plan a visit to the French Riviera.

  • Best weekend getaway

French Riviera is also the home to some of the expensive hotels and rooms in the world. It is generally regarded as a place that serves as the weekend getaway for most of the Britishers and Europeans. Since most of the countries in the European Continent hardly face sun most times of the year, they make frequent visits to the French Riviera. The French Riviera enjoys sunshine almost 300 days of the year. Apart from the picturesque beaches, there are a lot of other places that serve everyone’s interest in French Riviera.

  • Mixing of different cultures

The best part about visiting French Riviera is that you can get to experience the amalgamation of various cultures. The place is partly in France and partly in Italy. Apart from this, there are a lot of tourists who visit French Riviera on a regular basis. You can meet people from all over the world and have the best time of your life at French Riviera.

You can find people at any corner of the major tourist zones, but if you wish to have some secluded time at those places, then start earlier and have a deeper connect with the place.

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